Sharing Great Practice #SharingGreatPracticeBe well led!

We’ve taken your feedback and developed our hugely well received summary of recent CQC Compliance Inspection Reports. You’ll now find this report focuses on the well led key line of enquiry and is broken down between residential and domiciliary/community social care providers.

Each of the points comes directly from a provider who was rated as Outstanding by CQC in their inspection report. There’s lots to read, to think about and to take forward. Don’t be afraid to take the ideas, innovate and shape them for your service. There is no one size fits all, innovation is key!

We’d love to know what you think, we’d love to know if you’ve taken any of the ideas forward, how have they worked for you?

The Grey Matter Group provide this document to support the sharing of great practice within the Adult Social Care sector.

Download the document here: Sharing Great Practice Summer 2018

Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your team, share it with your peers, talk about it and make a positive change in your service then share your great practice!

We welcome your feedback and would be interested to know if you find the summary useful, or if there are any improvements that we could make to it.

Please contact us with any feedback.

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Be Well Led #SharingGreatPractice Summer 2018