Care Certificate Workbooks

We provide 15 free Care Certificate workbooks, one for each Care Certificate standard, to support people in gaining the knowledge they need to meet the Care Certificate outcomes.

Our workbooks should not be used in isolation.

A learner’s manager is responsible for checking their knowledge, understanding and competence.

Do you need to complete workbooks?

Staff who already have a good level of knowledge and experience may take an assessment instead and only use sections of the workbook, or sections of our eLearning, where knowledge gaps are identified.

Using our assessment tools – much like an electronic workbook – can significantly reduce or even remove the need to use workbooks. Please check with your manager or contact us before you start using our workbooks.

Knowledge is recorded in our assessment tools and is used to build an evidence portfolio, saving time for managers and staff, and allowing a greater focus on observing practice and learning more to meet the needs of healthcare patients and social care clients.

Checking knowledge, competence and practice will be a regular part of ongoing professional development. By taking an assessment first, staff may find they already have some, most, or all of the knowledge required and can save time by avoiding repeating subjects and courses unnecessarily. In addition, our Care Certificate eLearning is interactive, just like our workbooks.

As part of our commitment to the sector, Care Certificate workbooks are provided free of charge by The Grey Matter Group to people providing health and social care. Our workbooks are also used to support a blended approach towards learning and achieving competence.