Health and Social Care Assessment and Competence Recording

Our easy-to-use assessment and competence recording tools quickly measure and record knowledge enabling you to prioritise learning against identified needs. We support organisations nationally in using assessments to identify which people need further learning to achieve competence, and to evidence learning through improved practice.

Our assessment tools allow staff and managers to add evidence and other supporting information to demonstrate competence, e.g. supervision discussions, observations of practice and feedback from healthcare patients and social care clients. This is particularly important, since the Care Certificate Framework Document (p5) explicitly says:

“Certificates of Attendance, attendance on study days or e-learning without assessment of what has been learnt is not evidence toward achievement of the Care Certificate.”

Our customers use assessments to complement and support their existing development programs and to reduce the need for people to repeat unnecessary training activities, saving time and money.

Implementation is quick and easy! We provide workshops to help people understand why evidencing competence is vital to improving lives. Our customer support team are available to answer any questions during office hours.

Quickly get your team set up to record evidence of their competence, and find out how our partners have:

  • Saved time and reduced costs
  • Improved the quality of service
  • Removed unnecessary training
  • Received positive CQC feedback
  • Made supervision more effective
  • Decreased disruption to services
  • Increased induction completion rates
  • Sped up induction completion time
  • Checked competency more efficiently
  • Informed their interview process
  • Improved customer perception
  • Improved relationships with staff