How do you feed your team members with the knowledge and experiences that they need to grow into healthy, active, independent and skilled workers?

We all know that ‘training’ is important. But, do we all provide ‘training’ that supports the growth of knowledge and experience with an aim to put that into practice?

Nurture a Learning Culture

Your people have skills, they have acquired knowledge, they have experiences that all add up to making them unique. But, learning never stops, knowledge keeps growing and experiences keep – well, being experienced!

Through our work with hundreds of providers across the country, we know that a team that develops a culture of learning is a team that grows and always strives to be outstanding. Does your team have a learning culture?

What is a Learning Culture?

At its simplest, a learning culture is one where you and your team view learning as important. A learning culture sees all forms of learning as valuable ways of increasing the knowledge, skills and job performance of individuals, the team and the organisation as a whole.

A learning culture will take formal training, informal learning, self-directed learning and shared experiences and continuously build on these, encouraging the team to never stop learning.

All organisations that employ people will have a learning culture, but not all learning cultures are the same.

What is Your Organisation’s Learning Culture?

Does your organisation have a learning culture that breeds conformity, stagnation and boredom? Is the outcome of your learning culture high staff turnover, ineffective workers, dissatisfied customers and clients, low growth and lack of achievement?

OR do you have (or want) a learning culture that makes your people and organisation more successful?

Why Nurture a Learning Culture?

For years many sectors have seen the requirements of training staff as important to meet regulatory or compliance reasons – or simply to tick a box. Many organisations wrongly assume that during a compliance inspection that the inspector is looking for evidence of training. They’re not.  Compliance Inspectors are looking for evidence of learning. Evidence that your team have the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake their roles and that they apply their skills, knowledge and experience.

In an interesting blog article on the Motivated and Competent blog, the goal of a learning culture is defined by J. Wood as:

“a desire to improve performance, morale, explore human potential, attract, develop, and retain talent, create a learning, questioning culture and drive innovation.”

Be a Culture Leader

A learning culture must be nurtured by leaders within the organisation, it is something to be taken seriously and thought about constantly. There are steps every leader can take to nurture a learning culture and to support their team to grow, regardless of their position within the leadership of the organisation.

Meaningful learning experiences

Offer training all of the time. Offer formal training, informal training and performance support. See learning and training as a part of everyday work. Encourage your team members to talk, to share experiences, to question and request learning opportunities. Offer learning experiences that are “less bums on seats and more brains in gear“. Be active, and interactive in what you offer, use real world, real job problems and give your team the opportunity to practice.

Don’t see training as a requirement for employees. Don’t offer training every year. Don’t make staff sit in a classroom listening to the same training over, and over again. Don’t assess training by an attendance record. Instead, focus on the learning and ability to put that learning into practice.

Innovate, Adaptive, Responsive, Transformative

Nurture a culture that is innovative, adaptive, responsive and transformative – build a team and an organisation that thrives, that retains their workers, keeps their customers and stays ahead of the competition.

In our experience of working closely with the Health and Social Care Sector in the UK, now, more than ever it is crucial to develop strong thriving teams with a strong positive and transormative learning culture.

Fertiliser for Nurturing Learning Cultures

For over ten years, The Grey Matter Group have worked closely with the Health and Social Care sector in the UK. We have combined our expertise with technology, we actively listen to our customers and refine what we do. We never stop developing our Learning Culture and our offer to you.

We are the leading provider of assessment, eLearning and continuous competence recording the social care sector, with a growing number of customers and partners within the health and other sectors.

The Grey Matter Group are proud to be a Skills for Care Recognised Provider with Centre of Excellence and a member of the Care Learning Coalition.

Our constantly evolving and growing solutions can provide you with the tools you need to support a truly transformative learning culture. Why not take a look at our latest Assessment and eLearning modules guide and see how we can grow together?

With an increasing number of Local Authorities funding licences to our solutions, now is a good time to call us and check if you are in a funded area.

Call us on 01635 890373 today and start nurturing your learning culture.

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