Learning Links

Our Learning Links solution is the interface between our Assessment and Competence Recording product and a range of learning resources including your organisation’s policies and procedures, workbooks, key guidance and our award winning eLearning. An expanded range of curated and public domain materials will join these resouces in Spring 2016.

How Learning Links Work

Learning Links work by interpreting the knowledge, understanding and practice gaps revealed through assessment and observation, then sign-posting learners to resources which address these gaps. Often, learning gaps can be directly addressed through efficient electronic resources including policy statements and bite-sized eLearning content lasting 5-7 minutes.

Your team member can then assess their new knowledge and understanding and demonstrate the change that this makes to their practice through observation and supervision discussions with their manager.

Contact us for further information on Learning Links and how our customers use them in conjuction with our assessment solution to prepare a continuous competence record of staff safety to practice for CQC inspection.