Lead to Succeed - THE Leadership and Management Programme for Health and Social Care professionals like you.

Supporting existing managers, aspiring leaders and senior staff to develop your leadership and management potential through understanding how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support your day-to-day work, as well as considering how you could implement these behaviours and strategies, now and in the future.

Empowering health and social care leaders to be outstanding

Lead to Succeed is a series of workshops that have been designed to empower the health and social care sector with outstanding leadership skills.

The workshops will teach you how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support you as a leader in your day to day work, as well as considering how you could implement these behaviours and strategies throughout your career.

The workshops have been inspired by the Manager Induction Standards and the Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care.

Topics covered:

  • Successful behaviours for leaders and managers
  • Developing a positive culture
  • Effective supervision
  • Leading and managing the process of change
  • Leading and managing the inspection process
These inspiring 5 day workshops are designed for:

• Managers wishing to refresh their skills
• Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Nursing Staff
• Deputy Managers
• Senior Staff
• Aspiring and New Managers

“Learning more about my own working style and highlighting the areas I need to work on; the course has given me the resources to be able to improve.”
“The idea of changing the culture in the workplace, learning the value of making staff feel included and valued for their work… the point of always self-reflecting and looking for ways of improving and developing myself…”
“I have been much more self-reflective in my role and in looking at ways in which my actions promote and impact the lives of the people we support.”

Programme facilitators

Our facilitators come from a range of backgrounds, all with extensive experience working in the social care sector, each of them members of The Grey Matter Group. Totally committed to sharing their knowledge and experience to support the sector to develop. Attendees say that the considerable expertise and professionalism our facilitators bring to this programme makes a real difference to their confidence and practice.

Tracy McGuire Brown

Tracy has an illustrious career in social care having worked in both adult and children’s services Tracy has the experience of undertaking almost every senior role there can be within the sector, from Social Worker, to Training Manager, and from Family and Children’s Centre Manager to CQC (and CSCI) Inspector, Tracy’s knowledge and experience at all levels of social care is something that Tracy loves to share so that others can benefit and have a positive impact on people receiving care and support.

Tracy’s unique experience gives her insight from both the provider and the inspectorate, and from the perspectives of both a team member and a manager, something that people Tracy comes into contact with often feedback as being incredibly valuable.

What people say about Tracy:

  • Extremely adaptable and understanding
  • Highly encouraging and supportive
  • Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced
  • Excellent communicator

Pam Darroch

Pam has extensive experience working with local social care providers from a career spanning 15 years at West Berkshire Council in the Care Quality Monitoring and Safeguarding Teams. In her role as Care Quality Officer, Pam mentored and coached Registered Managers on service improvement where she built her reputation as a knowledgeable, critical friend. Pam has supported many providers on their journey from Requires Improvement to Outstanding.

Prior to working in Safeguarding and Care Quality, Pam worked in a variety of management roles in a number of care settings. Pam’s experience and enthusiasm to building confidence, knowledge and skills is greatly appreciated by the people Pam comes into contact with.

What people say about Pam:

  • Driven to share knowledge and experience to improve confidence of leaders
  • Understanding and thoughtful
  • The critical friend that you need on your team
  • Challenging yet supportive


£500 per person for all 5 days at our training venue – you can claim £500 back from the Workforce Development Fund*

£6,000 per programme for all 5 days at your venue for up to 12 people – use the Workforce Development Fund* to make this programme cost-neutral

£7,000 per programme for all 5 days at your venue for up to 16 people; again, each place can be claimed back via Workforce Development Fund*

Price excludes VAT, payable at the time of booking.

Travel costs may be added for courses at your venue, depending on location. Cancellation fees apply for cancellation within 30 days.

*WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT FUND: You can apply for £500 per person from the Skills for Care WFD for candidates completing this programme. Find out more about the WFD here.

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