Join us for Skills for Care’s 5-day management programme or we can deliver for your organisation at a venue of your choice.

We are the leading provider of assessment, eLearning and continuous competence recording for the social care sector and we are offering this course as part of our blended approach to learning.

We are proud to be a Skills for Care Recognised Provider with Centre of Excellence and a member of the Care Learning Coalition.

It may be possible to reclaim part of the costs for this programme from the Workforce Development Fund.

Course Aims

Support aspiring leaders and managers to develop their leadership and management potential through understanding how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support them in their day to day work, as well as considering how they could implement these behaviours and strategies, now and in the future.

Topics covered:

1.Successful behaviours for leaders and managers

2.Developing a positive culture

3.Effective supervision

4.Leading and managing the process of change

5.Leading and managing the inspection process

Programme Benefits

  • Support aspiring leaders to gain knowledge and challenge themselves to put this into practice
  • Provide aspiring leaders with skills and capabilities to help them progress their social care career
  • Demonstrate a commitment to effective leadership and staff development
  • Contribute to the development of the sector and commitment to elevating social care’s status
  • Help future operational leaders manage their role better in terms of managing teams and coping effectively with the personal challenges that management brings
  • Improve staff satisfaction, retention, productivity and effectiveness in the workforce
  • Aligned with Level 4 qualifications and Manager’s Induction Standards

Upcoming Programme Dates

Set A – at TGMG, Newbury.

M1 09/01/2018
M2 30/01/2018
M3 20/02/2018
M4 13/03/2018
M5 03/04/2018

Set B – at TGMG, Newbury.

M1 16/01/2018
M2 02/02/2018
M3 27/02/2018
M4 20/03/2018
M5 10/04/2018

Set C – at TGMG, Newbury.

M1 01/02/2018
M2 22/02/2018
M3 15/03/2018
M4 05/04/2018
M5 26/04/2018

Programme Cost:

£500 per person for all 5 days at our training venue (normally £1,000).

£2,250 per course for all 5 days at your venue (normally £3,000) for up to 10 people  i.e. £225pp.

Price is + VAT, payable at the time of booking.

Travel costs may be added for courses at your venue, depending on location. Cancellation fees apply for cancellation within 30 days.

Full Programme Information Leaflet