Know. Understand. Do.

This is how we think learning and development should be done.

We think that learning evidenced by a test of memory isn’t always the best way. Not everyone has a great memory, especially under test conditions. We also believe that in work, many people have to do the same training over, and over again. 

Here at The Grey Matter Group we believe the best way to do learning and development is by following the competence cycle. Learning never stops and natural learning – the kind we do in everyday life – follows the same cycle.

Can’t occupational learning and development happen in the same way? With The Grey Matter Group it can. 

With this methodology, we can embrace person-centred learning, true learning that meets the needs of the individual. Stop the sheep dip, we say!

If you could train your people in only the things that they need, wouldn’t that save you time and money? Wouldn’t it save your people from the frustration in spending time ‘learning’ what they already know?

Person-centred learning from The Grey Matter Group has three simple steps:

  1. Assess knowledge that the person already has.
  2. Check the understanding of that knowledge.
  3. Observe them in practice to evidence that they do what they know and understand.