Reduced training costs, saved resources and increased staff competence evidence in Social Care Training at West Berkshire Council

West Berkshire Council reduced training costs and saved resource, while increasing staff competence and compiling evidence of safety to practice. Key points:

  • Registered Manager reduced her time by two thirds
  • Re-ablement Assistant felt valued and supported
  • Managers use the assessment results to focus on the areas needing to be developed and on checking there is knowledge transfer
  • Mandatory assessment before induction for all new staff has reduced the courses people attend “This has saved a lot of time and money”
  • Initial £49k staffing budget savings achieved by people not repeating training unnecessarily and £8.2k training budget saved and at the same time we increased safeguarding ‘trained’ stats by 95.5%
  • Continued to achieve cost savings

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Reduced Training Costs and Increased Competence for Council