Building trust through competence

The Grey Matter Group believe in trust. Every business and organisation is based upon relationships between people, staff, clients, suppliers – you rely on these relationships working well to succeed in what you do.

We’re on a mission to build trust through competence across the world. Our goal is simple. We want everyone to access person-centred learning, evidence their competence and build trusted relationships with people – colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Trust is the goal, competence is the journey we take to get there. Learning and development is the vehicle that takes us on this journey.


We believe that learning changes everything. We believe that competence gains trust.

Here at The Grey Matter Group, we believe in a better way of learning and development. We don’t believe that evidencing learning, evidencing knowledge, understanding and skills should be complicated, or a test of memory.

We believe that people should be able to evidence what they know, understand and do, in real-time, and on the job. All backed up with testimony and observation from supervisors, colleagues and clients.

Know. Understand. Do.

Our methodology is simple.

People already have knowledge, they’ve spent their whole lives learning. It’s not always the right knowledge, and often there can be gaps. We help you evaluate what people already know, then tell them what they don’t. This give’s you the opportunity to provide some person-centred learning, only providing the learning that they need. Now that will save some time, and frustration.

Having knowledge is the first step on the competence journey. Do your people understand the knowledge? We help you assess people’s understanding. That way you know that what they know they fully understand.

When people know and understand something they can apply themselves effectively to their role. The final step in the competence journey is evidencing that person doing. You then have a holistic understanding of how that person performs and understands their role. If there’s something not right, together, you can make it right.

When people know, understand and do their jobs they become trusted ambassadors. They build quality relationships with those around them. They feel supported, motivated and eager to do their best.

We can help you achieve this.