What would you say to CQC if they asked you about safeguarding

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How many Safeguarding courses have you attended?  We often hear about people who have attended refresher courses every year for 10 or more years.  When I ask them what they get out of the courses there is rarely a positive response.

The requirement for Safeguarding is to ensure that you and your colleagues are competent, can identify concerns and know how to respond to them.  CQC may ask you about safeguarding and test your knowledge and competence. People learn best if they understand why a subject is important and realise that they need to learn something.  In most cases, people are not receptive to learning when they repeat courses multiple times.

There must be a better way?

We recommend you take a Safeguarding Assessment using tgmgroup.net to identify what you know and what the gaps in your knowledge are. You will receive your unique learning plan.  If you evidence strong knowledge, it doesn’t make much sense to repeat a training course. If you have some knowledge gaps, you could learn using the Safeguarding eLearning refresher.

If the assessment results indicate you have lots of knowledge gaps, then a training plan for this is highly recommended. Our online method saves valuable time and hassle. It improves the quality of care and support you provide because people don’t like to have different care and support workers while people are absent at training courses.  Always check with your manager, they are responsible to support you to achieve competence and to follow local safeguarding procedures.

If you attend training, you can take an assessment afterwards to make sure this has given you the knowledge you need to achieve competence.  If you don’t do well, the training might not be suitable for you and the learning plan you receive after the assessment will highlight exactly where you need additional support and you can seek support from your manager.  

A course attendance certificate is just a piece of paper without any evidence to back up that you have learnt from the course. When asked, you can tell CQC all about the assessment process and what you did to achieve competence by building your online evidence record. You can tell CQC how you put safeguarding into practice on a daily basis. This is what they are looking for - evidence that you know, understand and do!

"Improve Lives Through Learning"

The Grey Matter Group is offering an opportunity for anyone working with vulnerable adults to attend a classroom-based course covering the essentials of Safeguarding Adults including Care Certificate Standards 10 and 11. If you would like to know more CLICK HERE