eLearning Report Upgrade

Keywords: reporting

We have published an updated version of the eLearning report on tgmgroup.net.  The following are responses to questions we have already been asked during user testing.

How is the new report different?

  • The report now loads within a few seconds.
  • The certificate dates will show the last successful completion for each course
  • The bite-sized modules now have a separate certificate for each learning outcome.

Why have we done this?

  • The old report took over 4 minutes to load
  • The dates on the certificates did not update if someone took the elearning more than once
  • It wasn’t possible to generate a certificate for individual bite-sized modules (eg Care Certificate Outcome 15.1b), instead learners had to complete all bitesized modules (even ones they didn’t need to) for a standard before a certificate was available.

Can I have a single certificate with all the bite-sized modules on?

The bite-sized elearning modules are designed to compliment the online competence assessment process.  If you would like to generate a single certificate then you will need to complete the corresponding assessment with the staff member. The results page for the assessment will provide targeted learning links to the relevant bite sized modules, saving time as the learner will only need to complete elearning for modules they have an assessed learning need for.  In addition the learner and supervisor will build an evidence portfolio of observations, discussions and feedback to clearly show why the supervisor is signing them off as competent. This results page can then be exported as a feature rich certificate to demonstrate competence.

Can I export the data to an excel or csv file?

We are working on this and plan to deliver this functionality very soon.

Can I download all the certificates in one go?

Unfortunately not, we are only able to process the download of one file at a time.

Can I have a single certificate for a learner with all their different courses on?

You can view all certificates for a learner by typing their name into the dynamic search box.  However downloading all the activity in a single certificate is not currently possible. We are planning to include an export all learner activity function in our new system which is planned for the end of 2019.