Password Reset issue

We're currently experiencing some technical issues with the Password Reset function which is not currently working effectively.
If you need to reset your password, in the first instance, please contact your manager who will be able to reset your password for you.

If you are still unable to access the system, please contact our Support Team:

Telephone: 01635 890373

Guidance for managers/system admins on resetting a password

    1. Press on the green administration button
    2. Find the user/manager you would like to reset
    3. Click on view
    4. Edit Details
    5. Type in a new password in the password boxes (this must be the same for both boxes)
    6. The username will be displayed on this page as well
    7. Click save changes in the bottom right hand corner

The staff member will now be able to login with the new password and login name you have confirmed for them. Please note all details are case sensitive.

If you need any support with this, please do contact our Support Team.